We translate science in genetics and chemistry into solutions thanks to our dual technology platform.

Our patented INTtraitTM technology identifies building blocks in the native DNA to design innovative products made with plants.

To unlock the genetic diversity of the plants, we first look at their DNA as a master piece composed of tens of millions of building blocks using computational biology and recombine part of it. INTtrait™ creates new genes by recombining the existing genetic elements of ≥15 nucleotides or building blocks from the native genome of the plant.

  • Native DNA building blocks are identified in-silico and are assembled to create a new trait locus
  • The new trait locus is inserted into the genome using direct delivery systems
  • Plants expressing the new trait locus are selected based on trait performance

RNA molecules and proteins can be generated using INTtraitTM technology.

Our technology can be used to develop new plant varieties for agriculture and new plant-based raw material for other sectors.

Our new section for innovative plant healthcare solutions will come soon

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