Developing Plants for Future Generations
Dedicated to translating science into valuable commercial and societal benefits
Developing Plants for Future Generations
Dedicated to translating science into valuable commercial and societal benefits
Developing Plants for Future Generations
Dedicated to translating science into valuable commercial and societal benefits

Our Goal

Healthy Plants, Healthy People, Living Planet.

We believe that novel plants and plant-based products are cornerstones of a living planet for future generations. At Nexgen Plants, we take care of our food, health and environment with the power of plants.

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Let’s Collaborate

We appreciate the opportunity of working with others to solve challenges. Share with us the same goal!

Our Products

We discover and unlock the genetic diversity of the plants to develop products like novel ingredients, food, medicine or biomaterials. We start with a challenge in mind and look at the science to bring a solution that leverages the power of plants.


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Our Technology

Our proprietary INTtraitTM technology identifies the building blocks in the native DNA to design innovative products made with plants. We also discover sustainable solutions to help the plants grow better and healthier.

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Nexgen Plants virus-resistant tomato obtained using INTtrait technology declared as non-genetically modified by USDA

Brisbane, Australia – 6 August 2019 ¬– Nexgen Plants Pty Limited has received notification from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) that its virus resistant tomato variety is non-genetically modified (non-GM) and does not fall under regulation requirements in the U.S. The virus resistant product developed by Nexgen Plants has been declared a non-regulated […]

Communicate about science to help everybody understand better DNA technology

The Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) and the American Seed Trade Association(ASTA) jointly announce the launch of Innovature, a new platform to spark a thoughtful dialogue around innovation in food and agriculture, with an initial focus on gene editing. Growing understanding of gene editing is spurring new developments in food and agriculture to address some of our most pressing societal challenges. 

Presence of viruses in our food remains a concern for everybody

Food safety experts warn fruit and vegetables sold in British shops could contain potentially deadly norovirus. Fruit and vegetables being sold in British supermarkets have been found to contain norovirus, food safety experts have announced.

frequently asked questions

What Is Nexgen Plants?

Nexgen Plants is a biotechnology company, a spin-off of the University of Queensland, Australia. The company was founded in 2013 after the discovery of a novel mode of action to control viruses in plants. The company developed later its proprietary technology for genome editing, called INTtraitTM technology.

Is INTtraitTM technology like genome editing?

The technologies are complementary and can be used independently or together to develop novel products. While genome editing is about the precise change of the genetic material of a living organism by deleting, replacing, or inserting a small DNA sequence, INTtraitTM inserts large DNA sequences that are assembled from the native DNA of a living organism. In both cases, no foreign DNA is inserted into the living organism.

What Is INTtraitTM Technology?

Our proprietary INTtraitTM technology is inspired by nature to design innovative products made from plants. To unlock the genetic diversity of plants, we first look at their DNA as a master LEGOⓇ piece using computational biology and recombine part of it to create novel functions or traits.

Does Nexgen Plants Look Beyond Agriculture?

Yes. We look at how plants can be used rather than focusing on a particular sector. We look at agriculture, aquaculture, ingredients for food or cosmetics and are keen to venture into others sector like biomaterials if our expertise and technology brings innovation. By looking beyond agriculture, we can meet our goal to develop plants for future generations and build a greener world while continuing to support farming communities to grow these innovative products.

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