The Nexgen Story

2018 Nexgen Plants received notice from the USDA that its salt tolerant rice variety is non-genetically modified (non-GM) and therefore does not fall under regulation requirements in the US.

2017 Development of salt tolerant rice, aromatic rice, high anthocyanin tomatoes.

2016 Successful creation of tomatoes resistant to Cucumber Mosaic Virus and validation by an independent government agency. Submission of a provisional patent for a new non-GM breeding approach.

2015 Second collaborative project with a multinational food and beverage company.

2014 First collaborative project with a multinational plant biotech company.

2013 Investment by two Venture Capital firms, Yuuwa Capital and UniSeed.

2012 Commercialisation Australia grant funding to facilitate market engagement and capital raising.

2011 Proof of Concept work on tobacco and Arabidopsis including development of transformation pathways.

2010 Proof of Concept funding from UniQuest Pty Limited, the main commercialisation company of The University of Queensland.

2009 The Nexgen technology was discovered and developed by Professor Peer Schenk and his research team at The University of Queensland.