Nexgen Plants is commercialising two novel platform technologies.

The first enables the rapid conference of pathogen resistance, production traits and consumer traits in the world’s major food, fibre, energy and ornamental crops.

The second is a virus-resistance technology that can respond rapidly to emerging virus challenges.

Current commercial and development activities

Nexgen emerged from one of Australia’s leading research institutions, The University of Queensland. The University’s commercialisation company, UniQuest , provided proof-of-concept funding in 2010 and based on the outcome, spun out Nexgen Plants Pty Ltd in 2013, dedicated to translating the ground-breaking research into valuable commercial and societal benefits.

The Nexgen plant breeding technology enables companies to develop elite lines that have pathogen resistance or other consumer traits, creating the next generation of non-GM varieties.

While Nexgen’s proprietary transformation technique has application across a range of traits, a key focus has been on the creation of virus resistant varieties.

The Nexgen virus resistance technology:

  1. Enables resistance for RNA type viruses to be conferred in a plant variety.
  2. The technology can also be used to screen TILLING populations and germplasm collections for naturally occurring resistance.
  3. The transformation timeframe ranges from between 9 and 24 months depending on the information that is available on the variety and the virus.
  4. Provides durable resistance against plant viruses and resistance for a number of related virus isolates/variants.
  5. Resistance is conferred to offspring enabling the development of F1 hybrids.
  6. Potential to confer resistance in multiple viruses in the one variety.